Italian made cookers

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Oven Functions

Classic Bake
Traditional oven heating from a top and bottom element without fan assistance. Great for slow cooking.
Closed door grilling for improved efficiency and cooking smell retention.
Fan Assisted Electric Grill
The grill element operates with fan assistance which is excellent for thicker cuts of meat.
Static Gas
Traditional gas cooking.
Fan Assisted Gas
Gas baking with fan assistance. Eliminates cold spots when cooking on more than one shelf.  Great even heat distribution.
Fan Assisted Electric
Superb heat distribution perfect when cooking on more than one shelf. The heat is from a top and bottom element with fan assistance.
Fan Forced
Circulates the hot air for baking on more than one shelf.
Oven Light
Oven light Illuminates the cooking process.
Defrosting with Fan
The fan circulates room temperature air to halve defrosting times.

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