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On Board Rangehoods

Rangehoods for today’s kitchen.

Emilia Glem rangehoods meet the demands of today’s kitchens and complement the extensive range of Emilia and Glem Cooking appliances. The slide out rangehoods and our under mount rangehoods allow for integration with cupboards for compact, urban living and streamlined galley kitchens. For larger showpiece kitchens, the elegant canopy rangehoods provide high extraction capacity and a commercial look that appeals to serious cooks. All rangehoods feature quality stainless steel construction and dishwasher safe filters.

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Ducted CK60SLF. Recirculated CK60FRF The Slide Out Sixty Compare

On Board or Off Board Fan Motor

Quiet Air rangehoods have the advantage of almost totally silent operation. The fan motor is “Off Board” which means that it is located in the ceiling cavity. In apartments or homes without a space above the ceiling Quiet Air rangehoods cannot be used. The Air Friendly

On Board range is designed for all installation applications.

Size and design

Try to always select a rangehood that is at least as wide as your cooktop. Your cooking style should be considered, for example stir frying requires a higher rate of air extraction.

Stainless steel baffle filters

This design of filter not only looks good but they catch and hold the moisture in the air stopping it dripping back into your cooking. They are ideal for use over induction cooktops.

LED lights


LED lights have extremely low electricity consumption and are very durable. They are not only perfect for illuminating the cooking process but they provide subtle lighting of the kitchen.


It’s important that your rangehood has the right ducting to allow the exhaust to be efficiently expelled to the outside. Your choice of ducting impacts the noise of the rangehood and how well it operates.

Solid or semi rigid ducting works best but can be harder to install. We don’t recommend non laminated foil ducting as it leads to increases in noise and losses in efficiency. We supply laminated flexible ducting for the Quiet Air rangehoods.


When a rangehood is installed in recirculating mode (which means it is not ducted to the outside) carbon filters are used to remove cooking odours. The carbon filters need to be replaced on a regular basis. Quiet Air rangehoods cannot be recirculated.

High ceilings

Contact us on 1300 307 917 and ask for After Sales Service to check on the availability of extension chimneys (shrouds) to suit higher ceilings.

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